Picture Books

All of my picture books are illustrated by Ian Garmonsway.

$1 from every sale of Aunt Kelly's Dog goes to support Assistance Dogs New Zealand. Find out why I'm supporting Assistance Dogs New Zealand here. Find them all on Amazon at the links below or contact me to buy paperbacks directly (NZ$20 including postage, New Zealand only.)


Aunt Kelly's Dog

Davey and Michael can't wait to meet Aunt Kelly's Dog... but what will they do if the dog is a big, scary, people-eating monster?


Jenny No-Knickers

It’s washing day at Jenny’s house, but oh no! The elastic in all of Jenny’s knickers melts in the dryer. How will Jenny solve the no-kickers problem?

Resized Cover Fruit.jpg

Do Fruit Worry About Getting Fat?

Martin’s sister worries about everything big and small. Martin comes up with a plan to help his sister, but will it stop her worrying?