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SYMBOLIC DEATH: A short Story Collection

A woman finds a Death Curse symbol scratched into the soap scum around her sink. A young boy watches his family fall apart after the death of his father. A butterfly chrysalis hatches, under the watchful eye of a hungry cat, and a teenage grim reaper’s job is made harder by the boy who can see her.

Symbolic Death is a collection of sad, poignant, and darkly funny tales about death. If you like unique points of view, heart breaking moments, and a touch of black humour then you’ll love Helen Vivienne Fletcher’s new short story collection.

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Cirque de vol mystique

Let the circus capture you again…

With seven stories from fantasy, to retellings, to paranormal, these circus-inspired tales will take you to new heights and introduce you to a world of wonder, terror, and triumph.

Can you heart handle these breath-taking stories from under the Big Top? Find out now!


blood from a stone a twisted villains anthology

Villains are never born—they’re made—and their stories are twisted by those that call themselves heroes until there is nothing left but darkness and lies.

This collection of eight twisted villain tales will leave you second-guessing everything you thought you knew about the evil characters we all love to hate.

Nothing is as it appears. Whose side will you take?

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