Broken Silence Reviews

3D-Broken Silence Cover tight.jpeg

Broken Silence has been getting some great reviews lately. Thanks to everyone who took the time to review it.

"I could easily see this transfer onto the big screen; it has all the right elements to make a fabulous psychological thriller movie to keep audiences glued to their seats. It certainly kept me glued to the pages, I read it in one sitting with a short sleep break!"

- Chapterinmylife

"...perfect for teens who want a gritty, edge-of-your-seat story but I also know that adults will love it too.  I’d love to see Broken Silence on book awards lists next year as it is certainly a winner with me."  

- My Best Friends are Books.

"This is one of the most nail-biting psychological thrillers I’ve read in a while. ...the plot was tight, making Broken Silence a tense, dramatic read."

- Sarah Forster The Sapling.

"Helen has managed to craft a character that I really cared about by the end..."

- On A Crafty Adventure