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I’m so excited to announce my story Reactive has been included in the Realms of Magic boxset, launching on the 24th September!


Witches, mystics, dragons, dark fae, and bone women abound in this enchanting fantasy story collection featuring eight different authors.

In these short stories, you'll find not only chilling tales, suitable for cozying up with a cup of tea on a Halloween night, but romance, adventure, and redemption too.

With over 400 pages of tales, the Realms of Magic Anthology is sure to keep you up way past your bedtime.

This boxset includes the following stories:

A Marked Witch by Ashley McLeo
A Mystic's Choice by Kelly N. Jane
The Dark Season by Jaci Miller
Water Lilies and Bones by Tamara Rockiki
The Nutcracker Curse Prequel by Margo Ryerkerk
Blessed with a Curse by Katie Cherry
Samhain's Gift by Melania Tolan
Reactive by Helen Vivienne Fletcher